"Call For Articles" For December Issue, 2019

Please send your paper as attached file to mail id: editor@stemjournal.in

Important Dates

Manuscript Submission 10th December 2019
Acknowledgment 1 Day
Acceptance (By Fast Track) 10 Days
Paper Publication 20th December 2019

The main aim of STEM JOURNAL connecting the young researchers, Professors, Scientist and research scholars to contribute their innovative original work in the form of latest methodology, data processing, fact finding, Advances of synthesis, charcterization, meta-analysis and theoretical articles with path breaking ideas and fresh perspectives let us join hands in the making connecting the entire research field to the newer world connecting with the latest articles.

Publication Process

The publication process deals with the following steps.

The ultimate objective in the mind of selection process involves latest path breaking content, no plagiarism.

The Entire process will be expected to be completed within 10-12 days

  • A confirmation email will be sent to author on receiving the manuscript.
  • The selection process includes 2 steps reviewing under the Chief Editor and a double blinded authority.
  • The result of the manuscript submitted will be conveyed to the author as any one of the below:
    • Accepted without revision
    • Resubmit with major/minor revisions
    • Rejected
  • A payment request will be sent to the author whose articles are accepted.
  • Author needs to deposit the publication fee within 3 days after the payment request has been made.
  • Payment will be confirmed.
  • Declaration Form has to be submitted by the author.

Please send your paper as attached file to mail id: editor@stemjournal.in